Wed – Th 22.-23. October

Pre-conference trip to Sortavala, Russian Karelia, including a seminar with local civil society actors. More information from here.


Th 23. October

11.00 Registration Metria lobby

13.00 Opening of the conference M100

Welcome speech Principal Perttu Vartiainen, University of Eastern Finland
Welcome speech Chair of the association Susan Kuivalainen, Social Policy Association in Finland

13.30 Keynote

Professor Bridget Anderson, University of Oxford:  ”Competitors or Companions: Re-Thinking Impacts of Immigration”

There has been and continues to be considerable academic and public debate on the impact of immigration, yet there has been little on the impact of immigration controls. When this is discussed it is solely with reference to migrants/non-citizens. In this paper I will start to open up this discussion. I will first consider how immigration/citizenship controls construct different types of migrants, who are managed in different ways. I will then consider the impact of controls on labour markets, and on intimate relations before moving to examine requirements on citizens to enforce controls and the increasing criminalization of immigration breaches for citizens as well as for migrants. I will then examine how controls re-regulate labour, and welfare states with a particular focus on EU migrants in the UK. There has been enthusiastic endorsement of some welfare reforms because of their consequences for Romanian and Bulgarians, but these will also negative affect low waged and unemployed UK nationals. I will end by suggesting that there is a need to rethink an approach that takes migrants and marginalised citizens as competitors for privileges of membership.


University Lecturer Sirpa Wrede, University of Helsinki

University Lecturer Nathan Lillie, University of Jyväskylä


Chair Professor Laura Assmuth, University of Eastern Finland

15.00 Coffee break (Metria lobby)

15.30–17.30 Workshop sessions

18.00 Annual meeting of the Social Policy association

18.00 Canned Dreams documentary (directed by Katja Gauriloff/ foreword by Laura Assmuth)/Pre-party at Surakan Baari

19.30 Supper and party in Kerubi Club

 21.00 Live music: Trio Pohjalta

Fr 24. October

9.15 Workshop sessions
9.15-11.15 Small plenary: Cross-border social policy and inequality  MP101 (in Finnish)

PhD researcher Tuuli Hirvilammi, University of Helsinki
PhD researcher Mervi Leppäkorpi, University of Eastern Finland
Professor Ilpo Helén, University of Eastern Finland
Project researcher Mari Kattilakoski, University of Eastern Finland


Researcher Jouko Karjalainen, The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)


Chairs Laura Assmuth, Maija Halonen, Lilli Aini Rokkonen, University of Eastern Finland

11.00 Lunch break

12.15 Prize ceremony for the best Master’s thesis of the year and Janus prize M100

13.00 Debate: Sosiaalipolitiikan mahdollisuuksien rajoista (in Finnish) M100

Researcher Elina Aaltio, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

Professor Markus Jäntti, University of Stocholm,

Director Riitta Särkelä, SOSTE Finnish Society for Social and Health

Chairs Professor Eeva Jokinen and  University Lecturer Antero Puhakka, University of Eastern Finland

14.15 Invitiation to the 2015 Annual Conference

14.30 Closing of the conference

The content of the program may be prone to changing.