Evening program

The evening program will begin at Restaurant Kerubi with the documentary Canned Dreams (introducer Laura Assmuth). One can also have an informal pre-party at Surakan baari.

The dinner fee is 14 € which includes buffet dinner.  Lactose-free diet has been taken into account. Please inform us (via registration form) if you have allergies or other dietary restrictions. The restaurant has a capacity for 160 participants.

Dinner fee must be paid to the account by October 10th.


* Salad with smoked vendace
* Farmer’s cheese from Polvijärvi (LiPa) and tomato salad
* Selection of lettuce and organically-grown root vegetable chips

* Roasted beetroot-pine nut salad
* Overripe organically-grown steer from Karhinen Farm (Polvijärvi) and dark boletus sauce
* Potatoes with thyme
* Root vegetables glazed with honey

* Meadowsweet flavored Tiramisu + coffee/tea
* Water and juice

Thu 23.10.

18.00 Canned Dreams at Kerubi (directed by Katja Gauriloff/ foreword by Laura Assmuth) /Pre-party at Surakan baari
19.30 Dinner and get-together at Kerubi (welcoming address by the City of  Joensuu)
21.00- Live music by: Trio Pohjalta

Restaurant Kerubi

Siltakatu 1 (Ilosaari)
80100 Joensuu

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Rantakatu 11-13
80100 Joensuu

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(The content of the program may be prone to changing.)