The main venue is located at Metria building, University of Eastern Finland.

Metria on the map

Yliopistokatu 7
80101 Joensuu

Registration: Metria, entrance hall

Plenaries: Room M100 (located at the entrance hall)

Workshops: Metria, TBA

Lunch: Nearest restaurants: Pihlaja (Borealis building nr.15), Pipetti (Futura building nr.16) ja Kuutti (Natura building nr.17).

All of the  Campus Restaurants.´

Cafe´s : Kahvio Luuppi (located at the entrance hall of Metria).


The WiFi codes will be handed within the information package.  You may also log on with your Eduroam-code.

One can print at Oppari-Desk or at IT Service Desk. The desks are located at the library (Carelia building, map nr. 9 ). The copier can be found from the library reading room.  Both printing and copying are subject to charge (0,20 EUR/piece of paper).


The walking distance from the Bus station/Railway station to University is approximately 2,1 km

The walking distance from the Town Center to University is approximately 1,3 km

Evening program

There are two venues:

Restaurant Kerubi

The walking distance from University to Kerubi is approximately 1.8 km

Surakan baari

The walking distance from University to Surakka is approximately 1.6 km

(From Surakka to Kerubi the distance is approximately 0,7 km)

How to move around Joensuu? 

Local traffic

Buses: Keskusta/City centre-Yliopisto/University-Keskusta/City centre

Rent a bike from  Kansalaistalo

Taxi Joensuu Tel. 0601 10100

How to travel to Joensuu?

Matkahuolto, by bus

Expressbus, by bus

VR, by train

Finnar, by plane

Joensuu airport

Matka.fi, Travelling

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