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Focus Areas of the North Karelian Society for Social Security (Pohjois-Karjalan Sosiaaliturvayhdistys ry):

Supporting Organization Activities

  • We promote the operational conditions, collaboration, and communication of organizations.
  • We build cooperation between organizations, municipalities, and the well-being area.
  • We support the employment of organizations and promote multiculturalism.
  • We organize training sessions and develop volunteer activities.
  • We provide meeting spaces for associations operated by volunteers.

Promoting participation

  • We enhance people’s participation and opportunities for influence.
  • We organize resident forums and participation panels, collecting people’s experiences to support the development of public services.
  • We promote employment opportunities for individuals and facilitate the involvement of immigrants in volunteer work.
  • We engage in outreach work for older men (Velmut groups)
  • We offer digital guidance to residents at various meeting places.

Social Policy

  • We influence regional social and health policies.
  • We participate in national networks to amplify the voice of regional organizations in national development and decision-making.
  • Welcome to explore and participate in the association’s activities on our website, social media channels, and events!


Address: Rantakatu 23 A, 80100 Joensuu


We collaborate with various educational institutions through internships, thesis projects, and study modules. Student groups are also welcome to visit our premises.